The majority of our Phalaenopsis are offered in flasks, 1.7″ pot, 2.5″ and in 3.5″. The Cattleyas and other genera are offered in sizes from flasks to blooming size, and can also be shipped bare-rooted. The following information specifically applies to Phalaenopsis. For conditions regarding Cattleyas and other genera, please contact us. The carton sizes and number of plants per carton differ for each genera and each grower.

Flasks: The plantlets are ready to be removed from their glass bottles or plastic containers and planted in plug tray, flat or small pots, in our case 1.7″.

1.7″ pots: Plants have been grown for 4-6 months out of flasks and are ready for transfer to a larger pot for further growing. If they are miniature flowers, they can already be flowered in this size. Miniature flowers in 1.7″ are most likely to only have one spike though, so a minimum of 2.5″ is recommended for flowering minis depending on variety.

2.5″ pots: These may be transplanted into bigger pots for further growing or immediately subject to cooling upon arrival. When plants are spiked in Taiwan before export, they are most often spiked in 2.5″.

3.5″ pots: These plants are ready for cooling to induce spiking.

We recommend flasks, 1.7″ and 2.5″ for export, as the freight cost per plant will be more beneficial to you. It should be considered that an Allura carton of the same size can hold 250 plants of 1.7″ and 100 plants of 2.5″. For 3.5″ we need a slightly larger carton, but can still only fit 48 plants.

It should also be considered that the younger the plant, the more space and time it will require to reach maturity. Freight cost can also be lowered if the plants are shipped bare-rooted plants or in plastic containers instead of glass flasks. The transfer of plantlets to plastic containers requires a 3 month preorder. Deflasks are another consideration, which involves removing the plants from their flasks and packing them in plastic bags or containers.


We provide CITES and Phyto documentation with all shipments, as well as all other necessary documentation. You need to check with your country’s laws and regulations on importing orchids and secure necessary permit(s) that will need to be forwarded to us well in advance. These normally include a list of  phytosanitary import requirements that we must meet for export to your country.

Delivery options

Consignments are shipped either FOB or CFR. CFR quotes may be provided upon request and if the destination and approximate order quantity are provided. These quotes are usually valid only for one month due to the fluctuation in airline charges.

If you desire larger quantities, we can arrange vessel container shipment for you to lower the shipping costs.

Safety of Plants in Transit

Our orchids are shipped both by sea and air in optimal conditions providing an ideal environment for the plants in transit. The consignment is shipped to your destination airport by selecting the most economical and efficient means of transport.