We lay a high emphasis on the quality of our orchids from strong and healthy roots and leaves to long-lasting thick blooms. As the Phalaenopsis are grown in USDA approved greenhouses, the likelihood of infections is much minimized.

With regards to the Cattleyas, Oncidiums, Cymbidiums and other orchids, we only cooperate with long-time breeders of high quality plants who are well-respected in this industry and have received international and national awards.

The breeders and growers that we cooperate
with follow strict standards for virus and pest control, and are all very proud suppliers of orchids with a record low percentage of infected plants.

The plants are checked frequently by the highly skilled breeders, growers and technicians, and mericlones are already tested for viruses in the lab. We only export top quality plants, and check each plant individually before shipping.

Of course we ensure that the plants are well packed and delivered safely through temperature control in transit. For further details and images of our packing procedures please click here.