Our Company

Welcome to the Allura Kingdom! We are a high quality grower of unique and colorful Phalaenopsis breeds located in the south of Taiwan, where the climate allows for ideal growing conditions for Phalaenopsis. With years of experience exporting orchids worldwide, we already offer our orchids to markets in every continent from the most simple to the most challenging.

While developing our exciting Allura™ collection of fragrants, big lips, multispikes and so on, we also cooperate with high quality nurseries across Taiwan. This allows us to expand our catalogue of varieties grown at our nursery, thus supplying sizes and colors suitable to every market. Our connections reach deep down into the hidden treasures of Taiwan, enabling us to offer even further exclusive new breeds.

Through our team of growers nationwide we also offer a wide array of genera including Cattleyas, Oncidiums, intergeneric breeds, Paphiopedilums, Catasetums, Cycnoches and others.

We lay a high emphasis on a smooth and cost-effective transportation of our plants FOB or C&F. Our orchids are shipped both by sea and air in optimal conditions providing an ideal environment for the plants in transit.

As we are dedicated to maintaining a long term relationship with our clients, we provide professional after-sales advice, including instructions on growing strong orchids. We also provide our clients with the most efficient and economical methods for supplying orchids on schedule.

The orchids shown on our website are simply a selection of orchids from our catalogues. Please feel free to contact Allura Biotech for the full catalogues and all other inquiries at alluraorchids@gmail.com